May Meeting Minutes

Macomb Assessors Organization
May 17, 2022
Aspen Restaurant (Clinton Township)
Guest Speaker: Kristen Sieloff (Macomb County Equalization Director)
The meeting was called to order at: 12:46 pm by President Jessica Holden.
Officers Present
In Attendance: Jessica Holden (President), Sandy Birkenshaw (Treasurer), Joe Maniaci (Treasurer), Kristen Sieloff (Trustee) and Past President Kimberly Wieczorek.
Excused: Heather Schroeder (Vice-President), and Jennifer Czeiszperger (Trustee).
Motion by Mary McKean to approve the minutes from the April 12th meeting. Seconded by Kim Wieczorek. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report
General Fund: $4,012.55
Education Fund: $4,486.09
Total: $8,498.64
Treasurer Sandy Birkenshaw presented the Treasurer’s report. A motion to approve the treasurer’s report as presented, was made by Jessica Holden and supported by Jim Elrod. Motion passed.
Jim Elrod introduced Mary Evans, as the new Appraiser Tech with Clinton Township. Mary had previously worked at the City of Warren. Additionally, Victoria Willis was reintroduced to the group. She has been with the City of Sterling Heights for 2 ½ years already.

Guest Speaker
Macomb County Equalization Director Kristen Sieloff reviewed her 2022 Equalization Report to the group. This was the first year that everything was done in BS&A; and she expressed her thanks to all the local units with their assistance in the GAMA DATA STANDARDS implementation to help accomplish this. I’ve attached Kristen’s meeting notes for your review.

  1. Complete implementation of CAMA DATA STANDARDS -exceUent job by all local units to accomplish this!!!
  2. First year everything was done in BS&A with uploads to MEG:
    a. Studies (all uploads from EQ, approved/submitted by EQ)
    i. 4015
    ii. 4015a .
    iii. 4017 /4047 (2793)- residential only
    iv. 4018’s -Real and Personal
    b. Equalization
    i. 4022 -uploads from local unit approved/submitted by EQ
    ii. · 4023 -created from 4018’s and LU 4022 uploads, approved/submitted by EQ
    iii. 4024 – created from 4023
  3. MEG -what worked, what didn’t
    a. Worked
    i. BS&A uploads – both study and equalization
    b. Didn’t Work
    i. “Entry” screen being different from pdf screen
    ii. TMA programmers not understanding how it all worked
  4. STC rounding rules for reports
  5. Using STC fillable reports for pdf versions without giving them expandable capabilities
    a. 4024 went from 6 pages with 3 separate signature sections to 9 total pages with signature areas at bottom of each of the 9 pages in Macomb County
    b. 4024 report for Oakland was approximately 20 pages same situation
  6. 4023’s were a nightmare
    a. State first notified by me on Wednesday, March 23rd that there was an issue with 4023’s not calculating correctly-took 6 weeks to correct (May 4th} with at least 6 different fixes by TMA programmers
    b. Each “fix” messed up something else
    c. Wayne, Oakland and Macomb county all had issues with personal property section of 4023’s totaling correctly due to audits or reviews in a property class which didn’t equal 50% causing program to “factor” the local unit
    iii. Migrating to new platform in the middle of the process
    iv. efile reporting of Taxable Values
  7. Because 4023 and 4024 was done in MEG, some of the taxable value files in eFile program wouldn’t load or process correctly
  8. Depending on when you entered something in eFile, upload from MEG would wipe out what was entered
  1. Looking ahead to 2023 – Tuesday, August 23rc1 a􀂣 10 am {;irtual 􀀁eeting)
    a. Standardizing Street Names
    i. 27 Mile Roads – 116 variations on how entered
    ii. Main Roads
  2. Gratiot -12 variations
  3. Van Dyke -15 variations
  4. Schoenherr- 23 variations
    iii. Post Office address master:
    b. Standardizing Owner’s Name
    i. Kroger- 24 different variations on how entered
    ii. Using Owner Name vs. Taxpayer Name
    iii. Top 20 Taxpayer
    c. Additional changes to BS&A – recommendations from MAED and MAA will be sent to STC Standards committee for consideration and implementation for either 2023 or 2024 Equalization cycles …: more detailed information to come for items on this list if adopted
    i. · Assessor change reasons
    ii. Adjustment change reasons – specific to wh􀂷 has authority and why (Assessor, BOR, STC, MTT and MCL)
    iii. .class code changes
    e2 remove 160, 260 and 460 {conservation reserve restricted)
    2M add 103, 203, 303, 403, 503 and 603 {common eiement, assessed w
    · others instead of using 006 reference code)

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